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5th February 2021

Stonegate Group donate all surplus stock to local charities

Stonegate Group is donating all its surplus non-alcoholic products in venues across its managed estate to local charities. Charities will be selected by each pub’s General Manager, but the company has suggested donating the products to help volunteers at vaccination centres if they are in need of inspiration.

Crisps, snacks, nuts, juices and soft drinks, dated up to March 2021 are all available for donation, as well as any fruit and vegetables the pubs have in stock.

Many of Stonegate’s furloughed teams have stepped up during each lockdown to support their local communities in a variety of ways, from mass 3D printing PPE for NHS staff during the first lockdown, to free school meals in the second, to crocheting ‘fiddle blankets’ for dementia patients this time around. This new initiative allows the pubs to continue their central roles in their communities, despite doors being closed.

Colin Hawkins, Operations Director for Stonegate Pub Company, said: “We’re delighted to be able to give away our short-dated products to a range of worthwhile causes. We wanted to give each GM the autonomy to choose where it goes, as they all have relationships with their local charities and their fingers on the pulse of their local communities, to know exactly to who and where the food and drink would make the most difference.

“We’ve seen the most difficult year in most of our living memory over the last 12 months, but I’m delighted to say, against adversity, our teams continue to surprise us with their creativity, drive and ingenuity when it comes to making a difference to their local communities.”

Stonegate Group’s managed estate also continues to keep its customers entertained with weekly pub quizzes online, where both the company’s teams and customers take part. Stonegate is dedicated to continuing customer engagement and support, despite lockdown and continues to look for ways, both little and large, to make a difference in the areas it serves.



Editor’s notes: 

About Stonegate Group

Following the acquisition of Ei Group on 3rd March 2020 for £1.27bn, the Stonegate Group is the largest pub company in the UK.  Its portfolio is comprised of 1,270 sites within the managed division and 3,200 leased and tenanted businesses.

The managed pubs division, which employs 17,000 people, is split into Branded and Traditional pubs. Branded is comprised of: Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout, Be At One and Venues. Traditional (unbranded) pubs are made up of: Proper Pubs, Town Pub & Kitchen, Classic Inns, Common Room and Craft Union.