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15th September 2020

Stonegate raises £147,000 for NHS Charities Together

Stonegate Pub Company has raised over £147,000 for NHS Charities Together since reopening, post-lockdown, in July.

Running across all Stonegate Managed food sites, 50p from every Fish and Chips dish sold was donated to the cause. This means over 10,000 plates of fish and chips have been ordered in Stonegate sites over the past two months.

In Stonegate’s drink-led sites, there were similar drinks promotions running, including 25p donated for every Gordon’s Gin and Tonic ordered and 50p donated for every Aperol Spritz.

Simon Longbottom, Chief Executive of Stonegate Pub Company, said: “One of the few good things to emerge from the period of lockdown was the number of heart-warming stories from across the Stonegate family of our people raising money to support those caring for victims of COVID-19. My team and I soon realised the importance and the appetite to implement a company-wide approach supporting charities when we re-opened. We, therefore, came up with a donation mechanic linked to the sale of fish and chips, and a donation linked to drinks for those sites that don’t sell food.

“Since we started, there has been phenomenal uptake and it shows again how brilliantly we get behind an initiative that can really make a difference in our communities. My thanks to the teams and to our customers for getting involved.”

Last week, the Craft Union Pub Company, now owned by Stonegate, announced that it had raised over £40,000 to the NHS Charities Together during lockdown.

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Editor’s notes: 

About Stonegate Pub Company

Following the acquisition of Ei Group on 3rd March 2020 for £1.27bn, Stonegate Pub Company is the largest pub company in the UK.  Its portfolio is comprised of 1,270 sites within the managed division and 3,000 leased and tenanted businesses.

The managed pubs division, which employs 17,000 people, is split into Branded and Traditional pubs. Branded is comprised of: Slug & Lettuce, Walkabout, Be At One and Venues. Traditional (unbranded) pubs is made up of: Proper Pubs, Town Pub & Kitchen, Classic Inns, Common Room, Craft Union and Bermondsey Pub Group.

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