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22nd April 2015

Strategic Purchase of Devil’s Dyke Brewery by Arran Brewery

The Arran Brewery today announced its purchase of a small brewery in Cambridgeshire.


Managing Director Gerald Michaluk of the Arran Brewery said: “I am pleased to announce we have successfully completed the acquisition of the assets of Devils Dyke Brewery about 8 miles outside of Cambridge.

This small 2.5 barrel brewery is a strategic purchase to launch our Arran Beers into the South East and of course London.

We will be adding 100 cask to our cask stock and will be adding their beers to our range available in Scotland as well as introducing our Arran range to the South East of England.

After a redesign of the Devil’s Dyke Brewery’s logo, a brewer will be assigned to re-commission the brewery and start production of its ale range as well as some new ones with an Arran twist.


There is good demand in the area for Arran beer and we from time to time have sold beer locally on our raids South of the Border.


The Devil’s Dyke brand is well know locally and will remain associated with the Dykes End Public House, to the rear of which the Brewery is located”.


Arran Brewery hopes to use this location as a staging post for the lucrative Cambridge and London Ale market as it pushes forward with its ambitious expansion plans.


Gerald would not be drawn on whether this would be the firms only acquisition, only saying “Watch this space”.


The Arran Brewery will be looking to raise more funds in the second round of its crowd funding plan later this year.

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