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14th July 2022

Summer Specials from Moor

Bristol’s pioneering craft brewer Moor Beer Company have three new limited edition specials coming at the end of July.

We are excited to follow up June’s fast-selling batch of specials with three more limited edition brews that continue our journey through beer styles from all over the world and neatly encapsulate our passion for making classic beer styles super drinkable and relevant.

So what have we got lined up for you now that summer is truly upon us?

The first is a very welcome return of one of our favourite beers, Smoked Lager. This is a pale lager, brewed to a sessionable 4.2% ABV, and featuring beechwood smoked malt from Weyermann in Bamberg. This beer is absolutely fabulous as a thirst quencher while you’re standing over the BBQ, and reaches new levels of enjoyment when you pair it with food. Just to make sure we were doing it right, we went back for a week to Bamberg, visiting our friends, favourite breweries, and of course, the Weyermann maltings. We’re very happy to report that all systems are definitely go. When you bring a lager to Germany and celebrated brewmasters are enthusing about how good your beer is –  and especially your head retention – well, that’s validation enough for us!

Adding to the festivities, we will be joining the famous smoked beer brewery, Schlenkerla in celebrating Smoked Beer Preservation Day on 23rd July. We celebrate this date by hooking up with our friends at Clifton Chilli Club for a day of awesome food and beer with a smoky twist, matching smoked food with our new beers, and our smoked beer with food! So come and join us for good eats, good drinks, good tunes and a sneak preview of these new beers. Tickets for this event are available here.

We appreciate that smoked beers may not be to everyone’s taste, but pale, hoppy beers usually are, so for those of us who love hoppy pale ales with fantastic drinkability and balance, we’ve partnered with renowned game maker Auroch Digital to brew Auroch Digitale. We were thrilled to be asked by Auroch to feature in their new game, Brewmaster. This beer will enable you to taste in real life one of the beers you’ll brew in your digital world. The homebrew kit in the game even looks like Justin’s first homebrew kit. You can’t get more authentic than that!

Peter Willington, Production Director at Auroch is just as enthusiastic about this partnership:
“We’re based in Bristol, so we just had to represent the amazing craft beer scene you can find here in the city in Brewmaster. Moor Beer was the perfect choice for us, and partnering with the team has been fantastic: from Justin talking on our panel about beer and tech, to us visiting the brewery, to having Moor Beer glasses in Brewmaster itself, to this latest truly amazing collaboration!”

Finally for July we’re bringing out a small batch release of an Export Stout. We’re as recognised for our dark beers as we are our pales. Now that beer festivals are getting underway again we’ve been getting lots of requests for making available some of those fun styles that usually don’t get a look in. They make a fun addition to any beer range, and are the perfect way to end your evening, with lots of roasty character, liquorice, and leather. Stouts are not just for Christmas!

We hope you enjoy our latest trio and look forward to more great photos from you enjoying our beers and living life to the full. Live life, drink live!

All these specials are available direct from the brewery or via a range of wholesalers.

Moor Beer Company Brewery and Taproom: Days Road, Bristol BS2 0QS
Moor Beer Vaults: Railway Arch 71, Enid Street, London SE16 3RA

Website: / Socials: @drinkmoorbeer

Notes for Editors:
Moor Beer was reborn in 2007 when Californian Justin Hawke purchased the defunct business and created what has become one of the world’s top rated breweries. Named from the Levels and Moors area of Somerset where the brewery originated, Moor Beer moved to central Bristol behind Temple Meads Rail Station in 2014 where we have a Tap Room and shop and host brewery tours.  In 2017 we expanded our reach further by opening a second site on London’s Bermondsey Beer Mile.
We have a simple philosophy at Moor – our beers are always live, always natural and always vegan friendly. Natural fermentation and carbonation with live yeast is at the heart of everything we brew. We firmly believe that live beer has a unique texture, fullness of flavour and softness of mouthfeel that can’t be replicated by faster, cheaper brewing methods. Leaving live yeast and other flavour compounds in beer enhances aroma, flavour, appearance and mouth feel. It also makes the beer vegan friendly. Our belief that adding isinglass finings to beer has a negative impact on quality is why we pioneered the unfined natural vegan beer movement in the UK.For Moor, beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment, a philosophy we combine with inspiration that has come from living around the world and working with different beer styles and techniques. We take the German, naturally hazy philosophy, combine it with the American flavour-forward approach to brewing and the British secondary refermentation tradition to create beers that are full flavoured, often hoppy, but always incredibly balanced and drinkable.

All our beers are brewed and packaged the same way for a full natural conditioning in all our formats – cask, keg, can and bottle. This means you get the same awesome beer unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised whether you’re drinking it in the pub or on your journey.  Our beers pair particularly well with good food, good company, good times and good music. Live life, drink live!

Smoked Beer Preservation Day Notes
Smoked Beer Preservation Day was started by Schlenkerla Brewery in Bamberg to mark July 23rd 1635, the fateful date the first smoke-free malt kilning system was patented. Because this new British system was cheaper, safer and allowed greater experimentation with flavour, it resulted in smoke free beer becoming gradually dominant all over the world and the original, smoky tasting, beer being turned into a rare, almost extinct speciality.

Only in Bamberg in Germany was the traditional fire kiln continuously preserved, at Schlenkerla themselves and at Spezial Brewery. Our smoked beers, like most others around the world use beech wood smoked malt from the legendary Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg

Press release from Moor Beer

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