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1st December 2019

That’s One More Than 49!

Hop Forward Podcast Celebrates 50th episode

Hop Forward is a weekly podcast dedicated to the craft beer industry, featuring interviews, discussions and stories from a range of brewers and entrepreneurs within the industry. Founder and host, Nick Law, aims to help listeners get ahead with their beers, brand and business.

“50 episodes? That’s one more than 49!” observes The Sheffield Brewery Company’s Paddy Spencer in this week’s anniversary episode of the Hop Forward Podcast; a weekly podcast dedicated to the craft beer industry, from brewery, business and branding consultancy, Hop Forward Ltd.

Started by Nick Law in November 2018, guests have included Paul Jones from Cloudwater , Richard Burhouse from Magic Rock Brewing, beer writer Matthew Curtis and Melissa Cole, to suppliers and industry experts including SSV Limited and Carl Heron from Crisp Malting Group, all discussing a wide range of issues the modern beer industry faces on the cusp of a new decade.

“Publishing 50 episodes has been no mean feat,” says Nick. “It has involved a lot of travel, asking many probing questions, and visiting an array of businesses of all shapes and sizes… I’ve loved every second!”

To celebrate episode 50, Nick and guest presenter Paddy Spencer travel deep into the rolling hills of Derbyshire for an extended episode, sampling smoked beers at Torrside Brewing’s annual Smokefest, catching up with Peter from the brewery team to chat about the history of smoked beers and his take on the wider industry today.

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