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26th August 2022

The Women In Beer Festival is back in Edinburgh for its second edition!

The Women In Beer Festival is back in Edinburgh for its second edition!

After two years hiatus, the Edinburgh based “women who beer group” Beers Without Beards is organising the second edition of its Women In Beer Festival – WIB Fest – from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2022.

4 Days celebrating Women and a series of amazing events

As for the 1st edition, the group will team up with local pubs to showcase some of the best breweries (Female owned or female brewers) in the UK, including Lost and Grounded, Wild Cards, Merakai or the Edinburgh local Newbarns brewery.

Amélie Tassin, founder of Beers Without Beards and WIB Fest said:

“It’s good to be back! and after the events of the past two years like Covid or the “beer me too”, it seemed even more important and needed to highlight the work women and non-binary folk are doing for our industry”

The now traditional Big “Women Who Beer” Meet Up will welcome this year again women beer groups from all over the country. It will also celebrate the launch of the 4 collaborative beers brewed by the group members for the festival.

Two new events announced

This year edition will see two new events to be organised by the team. A day-long industry event hosting talks and tastings and a run co-organised with the “Good Time Running” club to raise funds for WiB Fest’s charity Partner.

WiB Fest Industry Event will host a series of panels and talks on various topics linked to the problematics faced by our industry. From a discussion on the actions taken after “Beer Me Too” to talks about the challenges facing by breweries when they decide to ‘Scale Up’, the all-day event will be a tribune for some of the most talented female and non-binary’s professionals in our industry.

The attendees will also enjoy networking breaks throughout the day to browse or sample the products showcased by the festival’s sponsors.

Amelie Tassin added:

“This industry event is something I’ve had in mind for a long time, and I am very happy to see it coming to fruition. I think the industry has been lacking that kind of format showcasing underrepresented populations and I hope it’ll be the 1st of many.”

Companies who would like to support WiB Fest small and independent team in becoming a sponsor are encouraged to get in touch with the organisers at

Tickets for both industry event and run will be on sale from the 21st of September 2022 on Beers Without Beards website

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FDor further information, please contact Amélie Tassin via