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6th October 2020

Toast Ale collaborates with Brewdog to introduce bread beer to the masses

  • Toast Ale and Brewdog have launched a new collaboration beer “Sliced Heist”, a Helles-style Lager using surplus fresh bread.
  • 12p from every can will be donated to the charity Feedback.
  • This collaboration introduced the concept of brewing with bread to Brewdog, and is the start of its journey to launching its own bread beer.

Toast Ale, the craft beer company that brews with surplus fresh bread, has collaborated with Brewdog to increase awareness of food waste.

“Sliced Heist” is a 4.2% Helles-style Lager that uses surplus bread, malted barley and traditional European hops. It’s a hazy, golden colour and has a soft, bready malt character with floral and spicy notes.

Toast began working with Brewdog’s Tower Hill Outpost in October 2019. For that collaboration, they brewed a Belgian-style Pumpkin Dubbel using surplus bread and pumpkins leftover from halloween. It was sold on tap across Brewdog bars in London to support the charity Hubbub.

This latest collab beer uses surplus sliced bread from Bradgate Bakery, and is available online in 330ml cans. In line with Toast’s model of donating profits to charity, 12p from every can will go to Feedback to support their environmental campaigning work.

This collaboration is the start of Brewdog’s journey to launching its own bread beer.

Stuart Robson, Toast’s Head Brewer, is advising Brewdog on the technicalities of brewing with bread. “Our ambition is to make the brewing industry circular to eliminate bread waste and reduce the use of natural resources. We are very proud to have inspired Brewdog to use surplus bread in their grain bill”.

Sliced Heist can be purchased at and

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Notes for Editors

About Toast Ale: Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change and biodiversity loss, but one third of all food is wasted – 1.3 billion tons per year. Toast uses surplus fresh bread, reducing the demand for malted barley. This prevents food waste, and reduces the land, water and energy needs for malt. Toast open sources a recipe for homebrewers and collaborates with breweries all over the world. All profits go to charities fixing the food system.