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15th January 2015


wadworthFour classic beers that encapsulate the Wadworth ethos of quality and heritage are to be the core of their offering at this year’s Craft Beer Rising festival. In addition, and perfectly illustrating the company’s ability to combine brewing excellence with innovation, there will be a Coriander and Lemongrass beer that has been created especially for the show.


The four classics are time-honoured 6X, zesty Bishops Tipple, light and refreshing Horizon and the very popular rum-enriched Swordfish.


Swordfish was originally created to celebrate the centenary of the Fleet Air Arm in 2009. It was one of the very first beers to be brewed with a spirit addition and the process of blending beer with rum involved developing some pioneering techniques.


“Swordfish remains what we believe to be the best spirit-blend beer on the market and has become a classic in its field. It offers a really full-flavoured and satisfying pint that stands head and shoulders above many of the more recent additions to the genre which simply mix a spirit with a beer with little finesse,” explains Wadworth Product Marketing Manager Ellie Alderton.


A more recent demonstration of the skilled Wadworth brewers’ expertise with unusual ingredients is the Coriander and Lemongrass ale which has been brewed especially for the show. “It might be an unconventional selection of ingredients, but this combination really works, not just for its novelty value but because we have taken great care to balance the flavours,” explains Wadworth Brewer Andy Weaver.


The interesting and flavoursome result was achieved by adding coriander and lemongrass to the copper whilst brewing, and supplementing this with the addition of a coriander tea at a later stage.


“I toasted some coriander seeds and crushed them, then added some bruised lemongrass and boiling water to concentrate the flavours into a tea before adding it to the brew,” explains Andy. “The tea gave the beer an extra punch of flavour and the final result has aromas of coriander and spicy citrus which come from the late addition of Amarillo hops, with the lemongrass coming through with a refreshing bite on the palate.”


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