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9th March 2022

Wild Card Brewery’s International Women’s Day Collaborative Beers

To celebrate our first big International Women’s Day brew since 2019, we decided to plan something really exciting, a massive beer series in collaboration with the best brewers in the country. We invited Georgina from Cornish family brewery St. Austell, Sophie de Ronde from Burnt Mill, Charlotte Cook from Coalition Brewery and Julie from Neptune Brewery. Each collaborated with Jaega on recipe development and then came to brew together at our Lockwood site.

For the artwork, we commissioned Nanna Guldbaek; whose illustrative style is informed by the synergy that occurs in the crossroad between design, art and technology. For this series, she was inspired by the mysterious, beautiful network of trees and their roots, and perceived them as a symbol for communities past and present.

Our first collaborative brew was From Tiny Acorns to Mighty Oaks (5.2%) with Charlotte Cook of Coalition (pictured above). We used a special blend of Vienna, wheat and pale malt, for a good body, generous head and a light golden colour.  Hops selection included Citra leaf on the hot-side, and finished with a double dry hop of Cryo-Mosaic, Cashmere, and Cryo-Citra. This particular hop combo gave the beer a bright and fresh aroma – with bold notes of pine and lesser citrus.

With Georgina, we brewed Locus Amoenus (5.8%), a New England IPA with a twist. We used British hops Olicana, Harlequin and Godiva for an earthier flavour than you might expect from a typical New England. This gave the beer garden aromas of grass, and just-ripe English apple and pear. The style’s characteristic tropical top and creamy pour remains, made bolder by the passion fruit-forward Olicana.

With Sophie de Ronde from Burnt Mill, we brewed Mycelium Networks (5.2%), an American Brown Ale. The magic of this beer is partly down to the malt-bill: we mashed in with chocolate malt, chewy crystal, lager and vienna for a biscuity, roasted base that makes the liquid look like caramel. Balancing a nice bitter bite with gentle aromas, we added Citra leaf on the hot-side, Cascade and Columbus hops in the whirlpool and a dry hop of Mosaic, Enigma & Cryo-Simcoe to finish.

The three beers are live now on our webshop and trade orders can be taken any time.

About Wild Card Brewery – Editor’s Notes
Friends and fellow homebrewers William Harris, Andrew Birkby and Jaega Wise founded Wild Card Brewery in 2012 at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate Walthamstow.

With support from the local community, Wild Card’s shed became one of Walthamstow’s best-loved bars, hosting beer festivals, tap takeovers and live music.

In 2018 the brewery moved over to Lockwood Way, where they have doubled capacity – which means lots of Wild Card beer for all.

Wild Card Brewery now has two taprooms in Walthamstow, and our beer is available in pubs, bars, restaurants and supermarkets across the UK.

Press release from Wildcard Brewery

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