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14th December 2022

Wiper and True’s first Alcohol-Free Beer

Bristol Brewery Wiper and True to release 0.5% German-style lager, made using market-leading dealcoholising technology

This January independent Bristol brewery Wiper and True will release their first ‘low & no’ beer, a 0.5% German-style lager called Tomorrow. Brewed using innovative, market-leading dealcoholizing technology, Tomorrow represents a step forward in quality and technique for independently brewed alcohol-free lager. If you would like to try a sample of Tomorrow, please email with your details.

According to research carried out by IWSR drinks market analysis, the UK’s no-and-low market is set to increase by 31% by 2024. Further research shows that 29% of pub visits and 37% of restaurant visits are now completely alcohol-free, whilst the most popular occasion to consume no-and-low products is when relaxing at home (64%). Wiper and True’s 0.5% Lager Tomorrow will be available in both keg and can, allowing consumers to enjoy a pint in their local pub, or crack open a beer in the comfort of their own home.

Brewed in the style of a traditional German Helles, the lager is created using the same techniques as an alcoholic beer. Pilsner malts grown in Germany create a soft, bready backbone and a bright golden appearance. Traditional German Hallertauer Tradition and Spelter hops add a grass, slightly herbal snap, combining with the malt flavours to create a balanced, well-rounded beer. An extra-long, extra-cold lagering period helps the beer develop complex and full flavours; at this point, we have created a premium, traditional German-style Helles, at 5.0% ABV. The beer is then gently processed through a 60-hour long period of dealcoholisation, which preserves the full spectrum of its carefully designed flavour profile while removing almost all alcohol – only 0.5% ABV remains. Wiper and True are the first brewery of our size in the UK to use this innovative, market-leading technology, and we’re thrilled at the quality of beer it enables us to produce, without compromise on flavour or mouthfeel.

Speaking about the release of Tomorrow, founder Michael Wiper says:

We are incredibly excited to be sharing our first alcohol-free beer. It’s something we’ve been working on for years now, and it feels great to be putting it out there and into the world. As a product Tomorrow really reflects the way that I, and many of the team at the brewery, are increasingly drinking: with the next day in mind, but the same desire for a well-made beer. There are all kinds of reasons for wanting to drink a little less alcohol, and having really good quality non-alcoholic alternatives available makes that much easier. We’ve approached this beer in the same way we would any other recipe design: choosing the highest quality ingredients, and using traditional brewing methods to craft a refined, well-balanced beer that we’re really proud of.”

Tomorrow will be available to the public from December 14th, and journalist samples are available now.

Please contact if you would like samples.

If you require any further information at all, please contact


About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol. Their focus is on creating refined, carefully considered beer in the most sustainable way possible. The business started life in 2012, with three friends creating homebrew beer on their kitchen stovetops. Over the next few years the trio produced beer nomadically, brewing through the night and at weekends at breweries across the country. In 2015 Wiper and True built their own brewery in Bristol, where they brewed for the next seven years, before expanding into an additional bespoke new brewery and taproom in Old Market, Bristol, in July 2022.

Press release from Wiper and True.

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