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29th September 2021

Zapaygo sponsors Great British Pub Awards waiving sign up fees for all attendees

Zapaygo, one of the UK’s leading order and pay apps, has been announced as sponsor of the Great British Pub Awards (GBPA) 2021.

To celebrate this sponsorship Zapaygo is waiving all fees for attendees, including finalists, of the GBPA. This exclusive special offer includes free set up and 12 months of no monthly fees.

Elliot Hall, Founder and CEO of Zapaygo, said: “The Great British Pub Awards is an iconic competition that we are privileged to be sponsoring. Zapaygo is already helping many pubs and other hospitality businesses to drive excellent customer service and connect with more people. We are witnessing how technology is being embraced in every aspect of life. There has been a shift in how people interact with their local pub and venues, and we are right there with them. From being more convenient and more efficient to being safer and more hygienic, there are a multitude of reasons why order and pay apps, such as ours, are becoming increasingly popular.”

A recent survey commissioned by Zapaygo, found that 63% of hospitality businesses said they saw their mobile order and pay system as strategically important to the growth of their business. The survey also showed that pubs, bars and stadiums were most likely to agree that customer satisfaction levels had risen since introducing a mobile order and pay system. In terms of customers and users, Zapaygo found that 76% of respondents preferred to order and pay from their table versus going to a bar and 67% said they were likely to continue using into the future.

Chris Duffett, Commercial Director of Great British Pub Awards said: “We are delighted to be working with Zapaygo and thank them for their support of the GBPA. They are a brilliant and fast-growing company that are going to go from strength to strength.”



About Zapaygo

Zapaygo is a lifestyle application that allows consumers to order and pay for food, beverage and merchandise to be delivered to seats or be collected. Zapaygo’s main focus is to service the hospitality, sports, and leisure market, of which it has some exclusive corporate partnerships.

Over the year’s payments have gone from cash, to card, to contactless to pre-order. Zapaygo plans to unify the ordering, serving and payment experience and remove the need for dozens of apps, enriching consumer’s lives and changing habits for good.

Zapaygo connects the dots between payment service providers, merchants, electronic points of sale and consumers, to create a seamless payment experience and is a B-2-B-2-C data marketing business. Zapaygo is not only for food and beverage, but it can also be used in any instance there is an order or payment: retail, wholesale, paying for services via app, phone or web and pre-order for a date in the future.

Press release from Zapaygo