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Dave Hayward

Antagonist & Defender of Indie Beer and Proper pie
  • Full member
  • co owner a hoppy place
  • London
  • ibd general certificate in brewing. baca beer sommelier.
  • Computing and Business BSc. Highly competent IT integrations guy. And stuff ...

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

I’m Dave. Co Founder of A Hoppy Place (SIBA UK Independent Craft Beer Retailer Of The Year, 2021), a micropub and bottleshop based in Windsor, Berks.

As well as being a sommelier and qualified brewer, I spend the time I have when not doing IT integration by day, staunchly defending the independent beer community. I don’t believe ‘craft’ is a thing, but independence, and beer quality – absolutely is. I blog about supporting the fantastic indy breweries, bottleshops and pubs this country has – and hope others will join me in battling the beer tie and getting more good beer to good people!

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

I try to offer conversational pieces, leaning on my experience in the industry plus my business acumen to paint a balanced view of complex situations in beer. Or, just wax lyrical about what I love – tasting and sharing beer!

Pieces of work by Dave:

  • Cloudwater-19 (Apr 2021)

    On why our independent bottleshop has made the reluctant decision to stop stocking a brewery we considered friends, and a constant force for good.

  • Thoughts on an Industry in turmoil (July 2020)

    On small brewers rate relief, and the question of why the family brewers are stamping down, rather than looking up at those above them.

  • CAMRA vs Craft (July 2019)

    On the two groups of people who truly champion well produced, independent beer – and why they should  really try and get along…

  • Tapping into a new market (Feb 2019)

    On the US influence on Great British Craft Beer, and the beginning of our beery journey