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12th February 2020

Award-Winning Work: SIBA Award for Brewer of the Year 2019

L-R: SIBA Chief Executive James Calder with Sophie De Ronde of Burnt Mill Brewery

To shine a spotlight on our Guild award winners, we’ll be sharing this year’s award-winning works from each category in the 2019 Annual Awards.

SIBA Award for Brewer of the Year

Winner: Sophie de Ronde of Burnt Mill Brewery

Sophie was chosen by Guild members as this year’s Brewer of the Year. “Highly technical and accomplished,” she was praised for “leading a successful award-winning launch (and continued UK and International success) for Burnt Mill Brewery, being very engaged in the beer sector with various talks at industry and consumer events, and organising International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day.” Find out more about Burnt Mill Brewery here.