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1st September 2021

Bohem Brewery Welcomes Hoppy Hana

North London’s Bohem Brewery is launching its first new beer since the pandemic,  with the arrival of Hana. The 3.9% ABV dry-hopped lager combines an intensely hoppy citrus hit with the depth of flavour that characterises Bohem’s authentic Czech style lagers.

“Like most breweries, over the past year we’ve had to focus on keeping sales of our core range ticking over,” said Bohem head brewer Matej Krizek. “Now, with demand increasing, we’re delighted to be expanding our range again. Hana is our brand-new beer, offering new hope.

“What’s interesting is that our customers running bars and bottle shops in our London heartland report that, post-pandemic, consumers are more interested in enjoying premium beers and traditional styles with authentic flavours. That very much plays to our strength.”

Hana, short for Hoppy Hana, is a traditional Czech name. Like all Bohem Brewery beers, Hana is brewed on genuine Czech decoction brewing equipment, and traditionally lagered at low temperature.

Beer writer Glynn Davis says: “The combination of Citra and Sabro hops in Hana gives a full-on citrus aroma. Pilsner malt provides the body to an agile 3.9% ABV quaffer. This supports a mouth-watering juice intensity and gives a flavour profile that delivers a thirst-quenching capability but then demands another gulp.”

Hana is available to order in kegs from Bohem Brewery, and is on the bar in selected London venues including the Bohem Brewery Taproom in London N22. For more details see


Notes to editors

  • Bohem Brewery beers are authentic Bohemian lagers, fully matured, or ‘lagered’ for a minimum of five weeks.
  • Located in West Road, London N17, Bohem brews and matures its beers in bespoke lager brewing equipment, designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.
  • The brewery is 215 square metres, with a brewing capacity of 6000hl a year and a lagering capacity of 2400hl a year. An investment programme to increase lagering capacity is currently underway.


  • Bohem Brewery, Unit 5, Littleline House, 43 West Road, Tottenham, London, N17 0RE
  • Bohem Brewery Taproom, 120a Myddleton Rd, London N22 8NQ
  • W: E:
  • Facebook/Twitter:@bohembrewery

Press release from Bohem Brewery

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