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30th July 2013

Camden Town and Stone & Wood in beer sharing agreement
Camden Town Brewery and Stone & Wood Brewing Co have entered into an agreement to support and distribute each other’s beers in their respective markets.What this means is that Stone & Wood will have Camden Town beers on their trucks in Australia and Camden Town will have Stone & Wood on their vans in London.

The ‘brother brewery’ idea came to fruition after Stone & Wood Brewing Co whet the thirst of British drinkers with some bottles and kegs last summer and then Jasper Cuppaidge took a handful of Camden Town beers to Australia for Good Beer Week in Melbourne. Both were well received and the breweries discovered, over a few shared pints, a similar approach and mentality to brewing and distributing beer.

Although both brewers are working hard to keep up with demand in their local markets they recognise that in this new brewing era there is a global beer village developing. The brother brewery approach is a step away from the traditional brewer and importer/distributor model and is more in line with the collaborative culture that exists within the independent brewery community.

It’s not about world domination, but we know there are people who are keen to try our beers and we both believe that having the support of a fellow brewer to introduce our beers to them is the best way to go. The agreement allows us to focus on quality without the commercial pressures of volume from a traditional distribution relationship.

We both have a healthy respect for the success that each brewery has achieved in a relatively short period of time in their home markets, and believe that their success is largely due to the focus on the quality of the beer being brewed. It is that quality that we are both looking to protect as we ship the beers across the world. Knowing that another quality-focused brewer is nurturing your beer is very important for us.

A shipment of Stone & Wood beer is on the water at present and is due to arrive in London in August – they’ll be pouring on tap for the first time at Climpson’s Arch, E8 3SB, on Saturday 17 August from 12pm. A mix of both kegs and packaged beer will be distributed across London from mid-August, focusing on Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale. The next shipment of Camden Town Brewery beer is due to arrive in Australia in time for their summer.

For pre-orders of the beer or for price lists, contact or 0207 485 1671.


Media Contacts and for more information:

Jasper Cuppaidge
Camden Town Brewery Ltd
Email via:
Ph: 0207 4851671

Jamie Cook
Stone & Wood Brewing Co P/L
Ph: +61 418 547 197      

Logos for Camden Town and Stone & Wood attached.  

Mark Dredge
Camden Town Brewery
55-59 Wilkin Street Mews

0207 485 1671