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25th June 2021

Campervan Brewery to release the first two sour beers of their Lost In Leith range including collaboration with local tea merchant eteaket

A year after launching its Lost In Leith barrel aged range, the Leith based Brewery is releasing its first two barrel aged sour beers with the launch of the Foeder Cherry Sour and the Jasmine Brett Berliner in collaboration with the local tea merchant eteaket.

Those beers have been over a year in the making and have allowed the brewers to experiment with different oak formats, wild yeasts and bacteria. As usual with Campervan Brewery, they have added a delicate twist to the two sours to help compliment and elevate the base beers.

Foeder Cherry Sour

This 7.5% ABV Sour Red ale was aged in one of our Fermentaria Foeders for 10 months, then re fermented with Scottish sweet cherries and Middle Eastern mahlab (ground cherry pits). The result is a deeply sour, red wine-like beer with cherries, plums and spice note.

 “The Foeder Cherry Sour is the second beer released from our foeders and is the first beer showcasing our house souring blend. There is a great depth of flavour, featuring a cherry-forward strain of brettanoymces, as well as a balance between the acidity and perceived sweetness from Scottish sweet cherries and baking spices.”

Jasmine Brett Berliner

The second is a 4.7% ABV Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse that was aged in Burgundian Chardonnay barrels for 10 months with a single strain of Brettanomyces. The beer was then cold steeped in Jasmine Chun Hao tea from eteaket.

The result is a sour lemon beer with a bouquet of Jasmine, pome fruit and supporting funk.    

Avid tea drinker, Campervan’s brewer Patrick Smith, has always admired the work of eteaket and when the idea of aging a beer with tea came to his mind, they were an evidence for the project.

“We’ve been fortunate to work closely with local tea experts eteaket, to produce a delicately balanced Jasmine-infused Berliner Weisse. Working with Sam Holburn has been a pleasure and with his help and knowledge we’ve produced a collaborative beer that we’re very proud of.”

About the collaboration, Erica Moore eteaket managing director and Sam Holburn, operation manager say:

“We love a great cup of tea but we also love to experiment and innovate with our blends to create iced teas, tea cocktails & mocktails, lattes and many more tea inspired delights.

We source and provide the highest quality award winning leaf tea and value local ingredients just as much, which is why we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Campervan Brewery. We felt we had a shared ethos for the value in handcrafted products and championing quality ingredients.

The collaboration process has been exciting learning all about Beer production and the testing of our different tea varieties to get us to the end result!”

Alongside those two sour beers, Campervan Brewery is also releasing the Vintage 2021 of their already classic Brett Pils.

This second vintage of the Brett Pils is a blend of three barrels. This vintage is a little drier and features more oak than the June 2020 vintage.

“It’s great to be able to see how beers evolve over time as we refill barrels and let the cultures strengthen and exert different characteristics.”

The three beers will be launched on the 25th of June and can be found in their 375ml edition on the Campervan Brewery Web Store and in a selection of bottle shops.

A few 750ml editions of the 3 beers will also be available at Campervan’s venues, Lost in Leith bar & fermentaria and the Taproom Beer Garden in Leith.

About eteaket:
eteaket was founded in 2008 when recovering lawyer, Erica Moore, had a moment of clarity and decided to harness the power of proper leaf tea to make the everyday better through allowing people to connect and create moments.

It is eteaket’s mission to empower tea drinkers to pause, rebalance & infuse inspiration into their everyday through speciality tea using our revolutionary Tea In Mind system so that they can live better & start thriving.

Our high quality whole leaf teas & infusions are available worldwide online as loose leaf tea & in plastic-free leaf tea bags. We also supply our tea to other businesses; have a central Edinburgh tea room and tea store and regularly host tea events & tastings.

We believe that life’s all about recognising and appreciating those moments of joy and happiness. In every part of the world, tea has the ability to create a gentle yet vibrant atmosphere that brings people together and inspires them to live their best life seeking health and happiness.

About Campervan Brewery:
Started as a way to find some respite while he was looking after his family afflicted by illness, Paul Gibson began to professionally brew beer in 2015 in his garage or in his VW Campervan converted in a mobile brewery, “The Hoppy Camper”.

After struggling to keep up with demand, Paul decided to open The Campervan Brewery in Leith in January 2017.

The brewery hasn’t stopped growing since, with the opening of a taproom in August 2017, the increase of their brewing capacity from 50HL to 120HL in 2019 and the opening of their Bar & Fermentaria Lost In Leith in March 2020.


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