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4th February 2015


Moorhouse's Old-Boss

Moorhouse’s – the acclaimed ‘Pendle Witches’ brewer – is set to bewitch cask ale fans with the launch of a new programme of special brews for its 150th anniversary year.


Brewed with both European and New World hops along with traditional British varieties, the 2015 seasonal range is backed by an e-brochure to help publicans plan their guest ales throughout the year. Since the launch of a new £4.2m brewery in 2011, the fast growing Burnley brewer has added to its five award winning core brews each month.


The first tranche of specials sees the arrival of Cold Spell (3.6%abv) in February; a ‘warming roasted/light amber coloured beer, brewed with Maris Otter malt and a touch of crystal and chocolate malts for extra flavour’. British Target hops are used to give a hint of cedar and liquorice on the aroma.


In March Old Boss(4.3%) returns, based on a recipe from the 19th century. At the height of the Temperance Movement, brewery founder William Moorhouse produced much celebrated low strength hop bitters. Old Boss was an award winning brew and Moorhouse’s brewers have revived the brand at a robust full strength. Brewers Gold hops, Maris Otter and Crystal malts ‘deliver a delightfully balanced premium bitter, straw in colour with a hint of citrus and spice’. The traditional pump clip reflects the original bottle label and boasts two awards dating back two centuries.
For April the inaugural brew of Spring Watch (3.9%abv) appears with the daffodils.  Styrian Dana and Mount Hood hops join with traditional Maris Otter malt for ‘golden coloured ale, with fresh lemon and spice aroma’.  This is backed by sweet Maris Otter biscuit malt and a fresh fruity mouth feel from the use of the Slovenian and American hops. Striking pump clips with taste notes have been created for both Cold Spell and Spring Watch as part of Moorhouse’s rebranding across the range.


David Grant, Moorhouse’s managing director, said: “We aim help publicans ring the changes by offering appealing seasonal ales every month, backed by Moorhouse’s security of supply and sales support.

“They can plan ahead and promote the beers to encourage turn visits.  And our new tasting notes on the pump clips should help to tickle their customers’ taste buds. We have an impressive range planned. ”


Specials to follow include Farmhousein May, based on Fench Saison style ale, Bohemia, a pilsner style brew for August, Ruby Witch dark ruby ale for October and Pendle Porterin November.


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