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25th March 2020

Join Crisp’s Milling Webinar Thursday 26th March 3pm

There’s a lot of advice to keep talking. Perhaps add to that keep exploring, keep learning, keep engaging with your various communities. One of those is the malting and brewing community.

Last week, Crisp launched a series of webinars to offer technical expertise, focus on key subjects, and keep in touch with brewers and distillers.

The first webinar looked at malt Certificates of Analysis (CoAs), and was hosted by brewing and malt expert Carl Heron. Over 100 brewers from 11 countries as far flung as the US, Sweden and Singapore joined in at the time. You can watch it and read the summary of points here if you missed it:

“The next Webinar is Thursday 26th March at 3pm GMT” says craft brewing and distilling sales manager, Colin Johnston, “and it will be hosted by experienced brewer and quality controller, Mike Benson, who will be taking you through the technical aspects of milling.

“He will be covering how we mill here at Crisp to optimise for mash tuns, questioning the sticky subject of crushed v whole malt shelf life, asking about lauter tun vs mash tun grists and also talking about different types of mill.

“So keep learning, keep exploring, and keep contributing by signing-up and tuning in to this week’s webinar!”

Sign-up here:


Crisp is a corporate member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Colin Johnston is an individual member of the Guild.

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