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15th October 2020

New Members Joining the Guild

A warm welcome to the following new members who have joined the Guild since September. We now number nearly 270 writers, bloggers, broadcasters, photographers, publishers, PRs, marketeers, trainers, tour guides and others in the world of beer and pubs.  If you know anyone who you think would be interested in joining the Guild, please direct them to Membership Secretary Annabel Smith ( or to our online application form.

Joining as Full members are:

Lars Marius Garshol: Software engineer turned beer blogger turned beer author, writer, and researcher. Probably best known for his work on European farmhouse ale, and for popularizing Norwegian kveik yeast. Out with the book “Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing” on Brewers Publications this spring.

Hollie Stephens: Freelance journalist, copywriter and beer blogger. Hollie is a contributor to Ferment, Pellicle and other publications.

Gary Gillman: Gary Gillman is a beer and food blogger based in Toronto. He has blogged since 2015, principally on beer, with almost 1200 posts to his credit at his website, Gary was trained as a lawyer and holds a LL.M degree from Leicester University. For decades he has studied the history, technology, business, and palate of beer in North America, Britain, and elsewhere. Currently, he devotes full time to these activities. Gary also regularly judges beer and spirits for the UK-based World Drinks Awards.

Gary contributes regularly to journals and newsletters. He is available for tastings, judging, general journalism, and to participate in conferences and forums. He is active on Twitter, @beeretseq.

David Jesudason: Freelance journalist for the BBC, Guardian, Pellicle and Has written extensively about diversity and the effects of systemic racism.

Paul Crowther: Freelance beer writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Homebrew columnist for Pellicle. Recreates fictional beverages into real world homebrew recipes.

Barry Watts: Head of Policy and Public Affairs at SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers.

Elton Mouna: Writer, podcaster, industry commentator on talkRADIO, creative thinker.

Joining as Associate members are:

Alec Le Sueur: author of Bottoms up in Belgium – Seeking the High Points of the Low Lands, the story of Alec’s quest to determine whether Belgium is interesting or not and his vow to try every Belgian beer. Alec is a fan of most things Belgian and a student of Belgian beers, of which he still has a lot to learn.

Sean Robertson:
Sean has consulted on projects internationally and enjoys bringing the cultural nuances of a brand to new markets. Most recently he has been building beer brands from the USA, Australia, Europe and UK.  He co-founded the entity Pirate Life Europe. Sean is launching into the UK market in October 2020 along with a UK contract brewer.