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10th April 2024

Stonegate celebrates milestone as 50 cohorts graduate from Accelerator training programme since 2012

Spring marks a season of celebration at Stonegate as the pub group proudly announces the graduation of its 50th cohort from its Accelerator programme.

Since its inception in 2012, the internal learning and development initiative has been a cornerstone of Stonegate’s commitment to nurturing talent within the organisation.

With a total of 870 Stonegate colleagues having graduated from Accelerator since its launch, it has consistently provided essential tools to bridge the gap between Deputy Manager and General Manager roles. Notably, over 80% of graduates have progressed to become General Managers of their own venues.

Accelerator focuses on empowering individuals to create their own leadership style, cultivate personal goals and foster a positive mindset as they progress through the business. The programme also helps colleagues to embody the Stonegate mission; bringing people together through our passion for great pubs, bars and venues.

Recently, cohorts 47, 48, 49 and 50 celebrated their graduation. These latest cohorts include both high-performing Deputy Managers and newly appointed General Managers from various Stonegate pubs, bars and venues across the country.

Tim Painter, HR Director at Stonegate Group, said: “‘I remember the excitement of setting up our first cohort of Accelerators in 2012, and it is incredible to think we have now seen our 50th cohort graduate.

“At Stonegate, we are so proud of our continued commitment to invest wisely in our people by giving them unparalleled career development opportunities as part of our bar to boardroom culture, and our latest group of Accelerator graduates is a great example of this commitment; my congratulations to them all.”

The graduation ceremony, held at Rosies in Birmingham, was attended by several senior members of Stonegate’s learning and development team. As part of the celebration, awards were presented based on cohort voting, alongside recognition for the best sales growth activity presentation, the concluding Accelerator assessment.

Janne Sedgewick, Stonegate Success Coach and a key figure in the execution of the programme, said: “A huge congratulations to the 48 talented and driven individuals that have graduated from the recent Accelerator Programme cohorts. The Programme serves as an unparalleled development scheme that has time and time again transformed our elite Deputy Managers into well-rounded and amazing leaders within our business.”

Accelerator is an integral component of Stonegate’s award-winning ‘Albert’s Theory of Progression’ suite of training programmes, aimed at developing talent within the business. With 870 Deputy Managers having progressed through the programme over its twelve-year tenure, Stonegate reaffirms its commitment to investing in the growth and development of its people.

Pictured: The most recent graduating cohort celebrating their achievement.



About Stonegate Group

Stonegate Group is the largest pub company in the UK.  Its portfolio is comprised of over 4,500 sites, split across managed, operator led and leased and tenanted businesses.

The managed pubs division, which employs just under 16,000 people, is split into Branded and Traditional pubs. Branded is comprised of: Slug & Lettuce, Popworld, Be At One and the Venues division. Traditional (unbranded) pubs are made up of: Proper Pubs, Pub & Dining and Social Pub & Kitchen.

To date, over 12,000 employees have engaged with the various training programmes Stonegate Group offer, with over 600 Deputy Managers across the estate having been promoted to management roles.

The leased and tenanted estate, Stonegate Pub Partners, is made up of over 3,000 diverse sites whilst operator led Craft Union is currently made up of over 500 community pubs.

The business is multi award-winning for the training and development of its people and business success including:

BII’s National Innovation in Training Awards (NITAs): HR Manager of the Year, multiple times; Best Apprenticeship Training Programme (ATOP). Best Managed Company for Training.

REBA Employee Wellbeing Awards – Best New Wellbeing Strategy (5000+ staff);

Publican Awards – Best Pub Employer (501+ employees) multiple times; Best Community Operator (Craft Union Pub Company) multiple times; Best Managed Pub Company multiple times.

Great British Pub Awards – Best LGBTQ+ operator multiple times; Best Sports Pub multiple times; Best Pub Garden, Best Entertainment; Best pub to watch sport;  Community Mindfulness

Licensed Trade Charity Awards   raising awareness through fundraising

UK Hospitality’s Dusk ‘til Dawn Late Night Awards Best Marketing and Promotions Award; Best Service & Team; Best late Night Operator

HR Excellence Awards: Best Learning and Development Strategy

HR Distinction Awards: Innovation for Digital & Social Media; People Development; Innovative Use of Technology

And awards for charity contribution  including  Licensed Trade Charity: Outstanding Corporate Contribution Award; APPBG PUBAID Corporate Charity Fundraiser Award 

Contact: Elisabeth Osmand

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