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27th September 2012

The Art of the Pint Press Release

Who has ever looked at a pint of beer or cider and thought what a perfect work of art it was?   The liquid beauty inside the glass, the anticipation of tasting it.  Beer sommelier Jane Peyton, Principal of the School of Booze think’s it is like nothing else.  And since she recently brewed several beers at commercial breweries she is even more impressed with the art that goes into brewing.

 So to celebrate her favourite drink and the joy that it adds to life Jane has commissioned a series of drawings and paintings of pints of beer with slogans to sell as t-shirts, posters, and greetings cards. The series is called ‘The Art of the Pint’ – see examples attached.

Jane’s own contributions are ‘The Theory of Real Ale-Tivity – Water + Malt+ Hops + Yeast = Beer 2’; and ‘Fluent in the International Language of Beer’ – both water colour paintings.   Jane’s professional artist sister has contributed a lino reduction print called ‘Perfection’; and professional artist Philippe Fenner has done several drawings with slogans such as ‘Before You Sail, Quaff An Ale’.

Jane invites all artistic beer lovers to contribute their own works to an on-line gallery.  Details (and t-shirt or print purchases) on this website:


Email contact details:

Telephone:  07729 601 590