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10th January 2013

WADWORTH BREWERS UNLEASHED! …new Brewers Creations range is beer with attitude


As established brewers of excellent traditional beers such as the much-loved 6X, tried and tested by drinkers for 90 years, Wadworth could perhaps be forgiven for resting on its laurels and enjoying the popularity of its famous brews.


But what would be the fun in that? In 2013, Wadworth are taking the adventurous step of giving  their brewers total, unfettered freedom, allowing them to positively run amok with a new range of craft beers  called Brewers Creations.


Total freedom for brewers means real excitement, gob-smacking originality and a big wow factor for drinkers. Dream up a few clever flavour combinations, pick a handful of interesting ingredients, brew them up with some of the most cutting edge techniques around and what have you got? Brewers Creations – a not for the faint-hearted range of strong and flavoursome ales. It’s beer with attitude.


“It’s brewers heaven at Wadworth at the moment,” grins Head Brewer Brian Yorston. “We are very happy brewers, creating exciting recipes, experimenting with new techniques and applying our knowledge and experience to stretch boundaries and brew some fabulous off-the-wall beers that really challenge us and will challenge our customers.”


These ground-breaking beers will be brewed in the micro-brewery and will be released one a month, starting this month with a deliciously smooth 7.1% stout. This very drinkable pint has a lingering taste of sweet roasted grains , coffee and dark chocolate notes and is balanced by the acidity and spicy hop resins from from Challenger and American Summit hops. In February the Brewers Creation will be a highly hopped pale ale at 5%.


Only about 10 firkins of each will be available on a first come first served basis to a select number of pubs within the Wadworth estate.


“As long-established regional brewers we believe it is important not to get too stuffy or set in our ways,” explains Sales and Marketing Director Paul Sullivan. “We have some of the best brewers in the country here at Wadworth, led by Head Brewer Brian Yorston, and they do a fantastic job all year round brewing and creating beers to our exacting standards. So we decided the time had come to let them have some fun and experiment with new processes and ingredients to create some really different and exciting beers.”


Brewers Creation is the latest and the most ‘freestyle’ introduction in a host of recent Wadworth innovations which have included The Beer Kitchen, a range of premium beers to be enjoyed with food, and the popular new stout, Corvus.


“Innovation not only inspires the brewers and gives drinkers some exciting new brews to try, it also helps us to reinvigorate and re-access our attitudes to our core beers,” says Paul Sullivan. “Dependability and consistent excellence are key to the success of Wadworth, but the ability to move with the times is the life blood of a company like ours that has survived for over 125 years.”




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