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Anthony Gladman

Drinks Writer
  • beer-sommelier
  • beer-judge
  • journalist
  • writing
  • London
  • academy-sommelier
  • international-beer-judge
  • world-beer-awards-judge
  • camra
  • gbs
  • national-union-of-journalists
  • north-american-guild-of-beer-writers
  • beer
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  • cider
  • spirits
  • competition judging

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

Freelance drinks writer; winner of the Guild of Food Writers Drinks Writing Award 2022

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Anthony is a freelance drinks writer with work in various trade and consumer publications, including Good Beer Hunting, Ferment, October, Brewer and Distiller International, Pellicle, and Drinks Retailing News. He is an IBD accredited Beer Sommelier and holds a WSET L2 award in spirits. Anthony has judged at many beer competitions including the World Beer Awards, International Beer Challenge, SIBA and BJCP events. He is available for feature writing, copywriting, and content marketing work. Anthony also has 20 years’ book publishing experience and can offer expert editorial services.

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

Connecting with fellow members to share knowledge, expertise and a couple of pints.

Pieces of work by Anthony:

  • Drink It In

    We each of us hold within ourselves places, with their particular scenery and soundscapes, that we know intimately and like to revisit when we can. But it’s not just the physical place, it’s also beers we enjoy there, and what they represent: indulgence, a moment taken to ourselves amid a busy life. The restorative glass that slakes our thirst and gladdens the soul.

    Most of us will amass a small collection of these places throughout our lives. The pubs where we first drank with our mates, trying to get served when we were not completely legal. The student hang-outs where we figured out who we were and who we wanted to be. The tables across which we made friends with colleagues during our first jobs. The places we met significant others and fell in love, fell out again, made up. We drink them in along with the beer and they become a part of us without us ever knowing it.

  • Rebirth in England's Orchards — Find & Foster Fine Cider in Devon, UK

    Cider makers Polly and Mat Hilton are visiting one of their orchards for the last time before the season turns. It is late November, and a long, wet harvest is drawing to a close. The apple trees have lost about half of their leaves. Most have also shed their crop, but some trees still cling to their clusters of fruit, not yet ready to drop them onto the grass below.

    As we walk through the orchard, we have to watch where we step. The ground is littered with apples, some spread out and some huddled together in clumps where they have rolled into hollows. They stand out bright yellow and red against the deep green of the grass.

    Polly and Mat look after multiple orchards across the county, and Woodrow Barton farm owns the largest of them all. It is, in fact, a series of three orchards joined together. They overlook a valley along which the River Exe meanders southwards to the sea via Exeter and Exmouth, a railway line snaking alongside.

    Mat points out fruit on the ground that has been lost to marauding pheasants that are bred for hunting on a neighboring farm. He had told me about the problem posed by these game birds the evening before. “We’ve lost so much fruit because of the pheasants,” he says. “They only eat [the apples] when they fall off the tree. And we only pick them when they fall. But the pheasants are here all of the time and we’re only here part of the time. Next year I think we’ll do more tree shaking in this orchard.”