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Guild Member Profile

Anthony Gladman

Freelance Writer
  • London

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Freelance writer and blogger with specialist beer knowledge, training as an accredited Beer Sommelier.

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

As a new member I’m looking forward to meeting fellow members and extending my contacts in the beer trade.

Pieces of work by Anthony:

  • - What are the best beers for wine drinkers?

    The last decade has seen explosive growth in the number of breweries and the amount of good beer available. There’s never been a better time to give beer a try, so how will you find one you like? Wine is generally more acidic than most beers. To many wine lover’s palates, then, beers can taste too bitter. Light beers may seem too thin and overly carbonated, while dark beers may seem too heavy with bitter roasted notes. What you need is a way of following the flavours you like in wine into beer. If you know where to look you can find sophisticated, flavour-driven beer that is every bit as complex and rewarding as wine.

  • - How to talk intelligently about beer

    Are you a zythophobe or a zythophile? (A zythowhat now?!)

    A zythophile is someone who likes beer and all things related to it. A zythophobe then, is a beer shunner; someone who gets Beer Fear.

    Perhaps this is you; you don’t drink much beer. Perhaps you don’t even like it that much, but you’ve decided to give it a go – or that’s been decided for you – and here you are confronted with a glass of sudsy unfamiliarity. How do you talk intelligently about beer while not knowing the first thing about it?

    Relax. You already know more than you think. You’ll pick up more details with practice but in the meantime, here are a few terms and pointers to help you fake it until you make it.

  • - What are the key styles of beer (and how do I find one I like?)

    Let’s take beer back to basics. Like, right back. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a brief outline of a few of the most commonly seen types of beer to help you navigate all those taps and pumps at the bar.

  • BeerBods - Unity Brewing Co, Congregrate Belgian Pale

    Jimmy Hatherley started out in wine but soon had his head turned towards beer when his father introduced him to Belgian classics and American craft beers. He began buying local craft beers for the off-licences he managed, just as the London craft beer scene was taking off, but what he really wanted was to work in a brewery. “For anyone getting into the industry, the romance is brewing. Everyone loves the idea of making something.”